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Before you pitch: How we support your fundraising

Congratulations if you’ve decided to seek funding for a new idea or grow your existing startup. It’s a big step, but one that shows your dedication. The road won’t be easy, but what it lacks in ease it makes up for in reward.

You probably have a lot of questions. Where do you find investors? Have you anticipated all of their questions? Workshopping your pitch with a team of professionals before presenting to investors can provide answers. It can also save time, boosts confidence, and increase your chances for deals.

Why Choose MMR Specialty Foods?

We have a varied background in product development, manufacturing, commercialization, standardization, risk management, due diligence, compliance, and go-to-market strategies in multiple industries:

  • Food and Beverage

  • Food Technology

  • Agriculture

  • Cannabis and Hemp

Wherever you fall on that list, we have the comprehensive experience to validate and strengthen investment potential. People work with us for honest feedback and advice on their business model, plan, and pitch.

After a few sessions, we guarantee you’ll be pitch perfect.

What you can expect when we work together:

1. First, we assess key questions about your business.

Starting with the basics, we’ll cover what you do, how you operate, and how your team is structured. Moving to the fundamentals, we’ll explore why you’re doing what you’re doing, who you are, and why investors and customers should care.

2. Then, we iron out the details.

The second step is where we validate your business plan, model, and story. This step is crucial to getting your pitch deck ready, so we really flex our due diligence skills here.

Once the foundation is sound, we’ll guide you through design techniques to polish your presentation and prep you on how to best communicate with investors.

3. Next, you decide what’s best for you.

It’s just as important to know who you want to invest in you. For our third step, we’ll create an investor profile that lists the attributes you wish to see in them. We will also research potential names for you to reach out to.

4. Finally, we will explore alternative funding options.

It is good to have incubators, accelerators, and crowdfunding options in addition to your target investor list. It may even end up being the best fit for you.

By the end of our time together, you will know exactly who you will present to and how you’ll do it.

Investors want to see confidence and proof. Schedule a call with us to get started.


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